manage research projects



We love what we do, since our work helps scientists and society.
Our goal is to reduce the administrative burden for researchers and empower them to collaborate efficiently


project management

We offer full project management for multi-stakeholder research projects:

  • budget monitoring
  • progress monitoring
  • report coordination
  • meeting organisation
  • internal communication
  • ​process planning


Support for successful grant applications: 

  • reviews
  • budget planning
  • funding advice
  • partnering
  • workshop facilitation
  • full coordination of the grant


You can book ad hoc consultation to benefit from our experience to save your time:

  • collaboration tools
  • processes
  • funding requirements
  • communication
  • ​design of meetings and workshops
  • ​templates


8 years of project management ex­perience in re­search projects. Being responsible for 4 IMI projects (Innovative Medicines Initiative) and having deep in­sigh­ts in 3 more IMI projects I can state with con­fi­den­ce that I am one of the leading experts in Europe when it comes to ​project management of IMI pro­jects.


"I have been involved in over 100 major international projects and I say without hesitation
that Carl was the best project manager that I have ever worked with"


"essential to the project’s success"


"Rarely do you come across someone who is talented at both 
big picture ideas and executing the small details."